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We honor and help our Scouts when the Eagle Project provides enough leadership challenge & growth potential to stretch them.

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What is an Eagle Coach?

An Eagle Coach is a mentor and a guide for Scouts who have reached Life Rank and seek to earn the Rank of Eagle. They provide assistance as requested by the Scout and also serve as a liaison between the District Eagle Committee and the Troop level leaders.

An ideal Eagle Coach would be someone who understands the Eagle Rank requirements, has had previous experience in Scouting, and is a good role model.

Eagle Coaches are a volunteer District Committee position and are trained by and work under the direction of the District Eagle Committee.

Why Does Your Troop Need an Eagle Coach?

The District Eagle Committee is seeking to place one trained Eagle Coach per active Troop in Springville. Why?

Eagle Projects are difficult, time consuming, and have many requirements that the scout must fulfill. Scouts need a resource they can rely on to help them through this process. Eagle Coaches provide the essential one on one help that the District Eagle Committee is unable to provide.

Scouts who have worked with a trained Eagle Coach, are 90% more likely to receive project approval from the District the first time they submit their project.

It's exremely discouraging for the Scout to spend time choosing and planning for a project, submit it for approval, then find out it does not meet the requirements. Eagle Coaches can be a resource to help make achieving the rank of Eagle a much more positive experience and prevent many misunderstandings before they arise.

Working with the District Eagle Committee

The District Eagle Committee would like to make earning his Eagle Rank a positive process for the scouts in our District. With trained and functioning Eagle Coaches we can work together to make this happen. How can Eagle Coaches help? By using this website to...

1. Understand the requirements

2. Register as a resource for your area

3. Set correct expectations (scouts & parents)

4. Know the process

We look forward to working with you!